Keith Williams Architects | Residential Tower, Black Prince Road

Residential Tower, Black Prince Road

81 Black Prince Road is Keith Williams’ first tower project. It is located close by the River Thames in London’s Vauxhall. The highly complex project is sits between the railway viaduct into Waterloo and the tight Victorian street pattern that surrounds it. The project was approved following a 4 day Public Inquiry in September 2009.

The tower, which will replace a redundant 6 storey 1950s office building, will contain 101 private and social sector flats, with commercial development within the base storeys. The project is affected by protected strategic views and has been carefully modelled to ensure it will make an elegant contribution to the London skyline. The building although set back one block from the river will offer spectacular views of the Houses of Parliament from the 7th floor and above.

The parallelogram plan combined with a vertical taper gives the building a blade like appearance. The taper helps maximise daylight into the existing residential accommodation along Salamanca Place, and makes the tower more slender by introducing an exaggerated vertical perspective.

This verticality is accentuated by its fenestration that employs slender vertically oriented window and cladding panels. The summit of the building has been sculpted into a pinnacle that peaks on the riverside giving the project its distinctive silhouette. The building’s surfaces are solid with punctuations from the syncopated pattern of the window openings giving a rich facade texture. At the uppermost levels, the building becomes more heavily glazed with a crystalline pinnacle forming the junction of the building with the sky.

The floor plates in the tower repeat in groups of three and generally the window locations are the same on each of the three levels in a set, before shifting on the set above. This generates strips of tall, slender glazing panels, which are dispersed in a semi-random pattern across the solid plate surfaces as an applied design. The windows themselves are detailed to read as objects formulated as part of a granderexpression of the form and are combined into strips or stacked together to read as a single object in the wider townscape. The windows are proud of the plane of the wall to aid construction and to modulate the wall surface.

The completed tower will offer spectacular views out to the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament, the City, Canary Wharf and the South Downs beyond.

Area : 11,160 sqm

Apartments : 101

Commercial Space : 1,700 sqm

Client : Ristoia Ltd