Keith Williams Architects | Manitoba University Masterplan, Winnipeg

Manitoba University Masterplan, Winnipeg

KWA’s masterplan concept for The University of Manitoba, was a response to a rapidly increasing demand for academic places from a growing student influx, resulting in a need for considerable densification of the existing Campus. Vast areas of existing blacktop grade level car-parking were “re-possessed”, with future car parking both reduced and densified with car parking centred within new green wrapped multi-storey car “silos”. This move released large areas of the estate, permitting new academic and support buildings and a green landscaped masterplan to promote and increase the connection between the river and the natural environment, the expanded university infrastructure, and the extremes of the Manitoba climate.

Within the masterplan, KWA’s detailed proposals for the University’s greenfield Southwood area, established a 400m x 400m square core containing over 300,000m2 of residential and commercial activity within a dense cluster of modular building forms, planned to fall within an easily walkable zone. Entirely pedestrianised, except for service vehicles, this part of the masterplan centred on a new Forum, with a tight matrix of living accommodation clustered around local public spaces. Configuring the accommodation in this manner was intended to encourage a sustainable future vision of reduced dependency on motor vehicles, increased energy efficiency and tighter social integration as a result.
The new campus masterplan was designed to achieve (LEED Platinum minimum).

Project Title : Manitoba University Campus
Client : University of Manitoba
Area : 279 hectares